Improving Education

Improving Education 
Supporting Local schools where I am a school governor
- Fighting Labours Parent Tax and VAT on independent schools 
- Championing our record on choice, standards and achievement 


Helen proud of Childcare Rollout


Helen Edward for Kingston and Surbiton celebrates rollout of expanded free childcare as Conservative Government sticks to the plan to support parents and ensure a brighter future for the next generation. 

Conservative Achievements 2010 - 2024


1. There are four million more people with a job since 2010. There are 32.8 million people in work in the UK, up by almost four million since 2010, meaning more people have the security of their own income as we grow the economy.1

Labour’s Toxic Parent Tax. Sir Ed in Sir Keir’s Pocket.

“I’m a tactical voter,” a mum in one of Surbiton’s pretty terraced river roads told me, “and we send our daughter to private school, and we make sacrifices to do that. We couldn’t afford to pay any increases in school fees.