My Plan

I'm working on many campaigns around Kingston, but my main ambitions are as follows...

  • Strong Communities

    Strong Communities 
    - Protecting High Streets and Hospitality 
    - Protecting Kingston Heritage 
    - Championing Culture and Events 
    - Campaigning for a new Kingfisher Leisure Centre and funding for Chessington Football Club

  • Better Healthcare

    Better Healthcare 
    Supporting Kingston Hospital where I volunteer and my mum was a theatre nurse 
    - Backing the new government funded ICU
    - Expanding the PMs Flagship Pharmacy First 
    - Backing the development of Tolworth Mental Health Emergency facility 

  • Improving Education

    Improving Education 
    Supporting Local schools where I am a school governor
    - Fighting Labours Parent Tax and VAT on independent schools 
    - Championing our record on choice, standards and achievement 

  • Preserving our Environment

    Preserving our Environment 
    - Protecting Thames Riverside, Richmond Park and our precious green belt south of the borough

  • The Right Homes in the Right Places

    The Right Homes in the Right Places 
    - Getting new affordable starter homes like the maisonette I was born in in Chessington 
    - Protecting the suburban character
    - Preventing over development and ugly high rise buildings 

  • Protecting Women and Preventing Crime

    Protecting Women and Preventing Crime 
    - Standing up for women rights 
    - Protecting women's safe spaces 
    - Keeping women safe 
    - Building on govt 20k new police to tackle crime 

  • A new Kingfisher Leisure Centre

    Campaigning for a new Kingfisher leisure centre following the Lib Dem’s demolition of the old Kingfisher without serious costed plans for a replacement, which is limiting opportunities for the next generation to learn to swim locally, and to improve facilities for families across the Borough.